Individual Consulting

Individual Consulting

If you’ve reached a crossroads or life has become drab and doesn’t match to your expectations. Do you feel that you are putting others’ needs before your own, or maybe your trapped by your circumstances? Chances are it’s time for a change.

It is your right to enjoy the beauty that life has to offer and by internal discovery, you will learn to create a more harmonious life and stop the resistance to change. By reaching out and investing in yourself, you are designing a challenge to stop the self-sabotage and thought patterns. We all have a natural, mental ability to develop our desires and our capabilities on a journey of self-actualization.

Understand that you must believe in your own worth and invest in your future. When you work with a consultant or life coach, they strictly focus on you, as it’s about evaluating your present life and learning to make changes. You’ll remain 100% committed to your growth. We do not delve into the past or analyze what caused your problems. This is about finding solutions to stop the stagnation and discovering what your passions are, and by allowing you to make positive changes to your mindset.

Together we will go through your skills, hidden strengths and blockages of your present environment. This is truly a journey of self-discovery that you will treasure with moments of euphoria and/or doubt. You cannot run away from difficulties but you can simply accept the struggle by polishing up your existing skills because you are resourceful, very capable and highly intelligent.

We offer guidance and support as we try to unscramble the day to day of life and empower you to push the boundaries, confront your fears and love yourself. In addition to active listening, you will find that Claire is both trusting and trustworthy, which are two essential components.

You’ll become a master of your emotions and ignite passion into your professional and/or personal relationships.

"Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source.” ~Anaïs Nin