January 30, 2018
February 20, 2018


One of the most debilitating things that we have all succumbed to is doubt. Many people have to deal with doubt on a daily basis and the negative thoughts or talking yourself out of something can limit your abilities. Doubt stops you moving forward, and has an impact on your self-confidence.

Why do we have self-doubt? One reason is that, in general, people feel insecure for what they have or do not have in ways of materialism, career and/or marital status. If we are unable to believe in ourselves than essentially, we do not trust our own judgement.

Is it wrong to want a new car, new partner, new life? Should we stay in a dead-end job if depression greets us daily? Providing our decision will not have a negative impact on another, then no, that is not really a healthy option. Every day we are making decisions, and these decisions have the potential to change our entire journey as each decision has a consequence, albeit, positive or negative. We should be mindful of our choices as they are a reflection of our character.

We should strive to accomplish dreams, even small ones, but the journey takes deep commitment, discipline and a military focus. The satisfaction of reaching a goal or dream is an achievement that cannot be taken from you. Once you have tasted success, you will no longer be the same person. Where do you begin? Learning to tackle your doubt is the first step and once you have silenced it, the journey will prove you have the discipline and willpower to move mountains.

Doubt is a beast to control, but I assure you it is doable. Firstly, let’s start with your mind as It is more beneficial if you can focus on the “present” and put any past failures to the back of your mind. Another key factor is to have friends and family around that help challenge you without passing judgement is the most important factor. Try to make any important decisions in the morning, set yourself in a daily challenge or find an interest-based activity.

By putting one foot in front of the other, and concentrating on the positive things about you, you will come to realize that self-doubt is not realistic.

You can do this!!