January 20, 2018
January 30, 2018


I know I have touched on this subject before but branding is critical to a company. Your brand represents many things about you, the perception of the company, what the company represents, its values, and the service or product.

One element to remember is that if a potential client has a problem, you must become the sole provider to offer a solution and learn how to emotionally connect with them. They must feel valued, respected and appreciated and you must understand their needs. Stepping outside the box, helps create client a client that identifies with you. Engage with them, build a solid rapport and, in return, they will be brand loyal.

Imagine we are friends and you are at my house, sitting on the couch. I bring in two cans of soda but the brand names have been removed. One is a red can (Coca Cola) and one is a blue can (Pepsi), and these are two of the biggest soft drink companies on the planet.  Politely, I ask you which can you would like. Instinctively your mind will engage, your taste buds will remember and boom, you’ll make your choice based on the brand name. This, my friend, is what is called “Branding” and branding your company can be complex.

I stumbled upon the Harley Davison website and jumped from page to page and I was very impressed. I am a Ducati enthusiast but I was tempted, as it emotionally pulled me in. Coca Cola uses this tactic but very few companies do this, due to the nature of the product being sold. Harley Davidson has created and sustained their success by emotional branding. It is a magnificent concept because they have built up a community by allowing members to connect with each other like a family.

Typically, as humans we search for a bonding experience, a connection to others, to be accepted. There will always be an emotional void in this area, and so many companies have used this angle. The key is, any interaction with a client should give the same high standards, values, results and consistent messaging. In turn, this benefits the company and the profit margin but more importantly the client.

If you are a million-dollar company or a small business, the philosophy of your foundation remains the same. First, look at what your components are for your brand strategy. Is your messaging consistent? Would you use your services?”

Here are a few brand points to remember for your client base.

✔ Be Consistent ✔ Be Constant ✔ Be Committed ✔ Be Emotional ✔ Be Flexible ✔ Be Loyal

Regardless of your service or product, learn to dig deep. A client must trust in order to buy from you, they must feel safe, and have peace of mind. Do not create a brand where money is the main motivator. Create your brand awareness to be part of a community, and/or show ways of reducing your carbon footprint. Be a company that finds a way to have an impact on peoples lives whilst balancing the P & L.

Believe in your brand and its vision. Brand belief = Success!